ACC 561 Week 3 Business Plan Develop a business plan and financial metrics

ACC 561 Week 3 Business Plan Develop a business plan and financial metrics

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This paper is available on request only, contact us at Business Plan Develop a business plan and financial metrics Instructions: Prepare a business plan between 1,500 and 3,250 words in order to secure a loan for Tootsie Roll Inc. The loan will increase the company’s total liabilities by 10%. The contents of the plan should include the following: 1. Complete a financial analysis in Excel using, in part, the financial and management information included with the company’s website. This includes historical and projected financial statement, a three year historical ratio analysis of the company’s financial statement and a three year projected ratio analysis of the company’s financial statement. provide several types of liquidity, solvency. And profitability ratios and explain the results. In order to support your projections, include a list of all assumptions and issues that influenced your team’s decisions. Incorporate industry comparisons and analysis. Include an organized list or table of all financial ratios in your paper and calculate a variance analysis for each year. The variance analysis indicates the net increase or decrease of a particular financial ratio from one year as compared to the following year. Submit the final spreadsheet with your team’s paper. Additions details and guidance provide via the week 3 projects thread. 2. Incorporate the applicable of a business plan identified via research. For further information review the business plan requirements posted to the week 3 project thread. 3. Discuss the underlying business factors and operational constraints that are driving thr company to seek a loan. 4. Explains how the company plans to use the proceeds from the loan. How will a new impact the company ? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and submit your paper and plagiarism review file via the assignment files tab.

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